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May 16th 2020
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Common Go code.


go get -u


Path Synopsis
browser Package browser provides utilities for interacting with users’ browsers.
gddo Package gddo is a simple client library for accessing the API.
generated Package generated provides a function that parses a Go file and reports whether it contains a “// Code generated … DO NOT EDIT.” line comment.
gfmutil Package gfmutil offers functionality to render GitHub Flavored Markdown to io.Writer.
gopherjs_http Package gopherjs_http provides helpers for compiling Go using GopherJS and serving it over HTTP.
gopherjs_http/jsutil Package jsutil provides utility functions for interacting with native JavaScript APIs via API.
gopherjs_http/jsutil/v2 Package jsutil provides utility functions for interacting with native JavaScript APIs via syscall/js API.
importgraphutil Package importgraphutil augments “” with a way to build graphs ignoring tests.
indentwriter Package indentwriter implements an io.Writer wrapper that indents every non-empty line with specified number of tabs.
open Package open offers ability to open files or URLs as if user double-clicked it in their OS.
openutil Package openutil displays Markdown or HTML in a new browser tab.
ospath Package ospath provides utilities to get OS-specific directories.
osutil Package osutil offers a utility for manipulating a set of environment variables.
parserutil Package parserutil offers convenience functions for parsing Go code to AST.
pipeutil Package pipeutil provides additional functionality for package.
printerutil Package printerutil provides formatted printing of AST nodes.
reflectfind Package reflectfind offers funcs to perform deep-search via reflect to find instances that satisfy given query.
reflectsource Package sourcereflect implements run-time source reflection, allowing a program to look up string representation of objects from the underlying .go source files.
timeutil Package timeutil provides a func for getting start of week of given time.
trash Package trash implements functionality to move files into trash.
vfs/godocfs/godocfs Package godocfs implements vfs.FileSystem using a http.FileSystem.
vfs/godocfs/html/vfstemplate Package vfstemplate offers html/template helpers that use vfs.FileSystem.
vfs/godocfs/path/vfspath Package vfspath implements utility routines for manipulating virtual file system paths.
vfs/godocfs/vfsutil Package vfsutil implements some I/O utility functions for vfs.FileSystem.


  • MIT License