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May 18th 2020
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Go Bindings for Rancher 1.x API

Looking for Rancher 2.x API bindings? Click here

Generating Code

First, you must have a master version of Rancher running. The best way to do this is:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -d rancher/server:master

Once Rancher is running, you can run the script:

./scripts/ http://<docker host ip>:8080

# The default url is http://localhost:8080, so if rancher/server is listening on localhost, you can omit the url:

This will add, remove, and modify go files appropriately. Submit a PR that includes all these changes.

Important caveats

  1. If you are running on macOS, you must have gnu-sed installed as sed for this to work properly.
  2. If you are running against cattle that is running out of an IDE and you don’t have go-machine-service running (you probably don’t), you’ll see a number of unexpected removed or modified files like generated_host.go generated_machine.go and generated_*config.go.


godep go build ./client


godep go test ./client


For bugs, questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc., open an issue in rancher/rancher with a title starting with [go-rancher].

Or just click here to create a new issue.


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