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June 1st 2020
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Azure Storage Blob SDK for Go

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The Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for Go allows you to build applications that takes advantage of Azure’s scalable cloud storage.

This repository contains the open source Blob SDK for Go. The File SDK and Queue SDK are also available.


  • Blob Storage
    • Create/List/Delete Containers
    • Create/Read/List/Update/Delete Block Blobs
    • Create/Read/List/Update/Delete Page Blobs
    • Create/Read/List/Update/Delete Append Blobs

Getting Started

  • If you don’t already have it, install the Go distribution
  • Get the SDK, with any method you prefer:
    • Go Get: go get
    • Dep: add to Gopkg.toml: [[constraint]] version = "0.3.0" name = ""
    • Module: simply import the SDK and Go will download it for you
  • Use the SDK: import ""

Version Table

  • If you are looking to use a specific version of the Storage Service, please refer to the following table:
Service Version Corresponding SDK Version Import Path
2016-05-31 0.2.0
2017-07-29 0.2.0
2018-03-28 0.3.0 - 0.5.0
2018-11-09 0.6.0 - 0.7.0

Note: the directory structure of the SDK has changed dramatically since 0.3.0. The different Service Versions are no longer sub-directories; the latest azblob is directly under the root directory. In the future, each new Service Version will be introduced with a new major semantic version.

SDK Architecture

  • The Azure Storage SDK for Go provides low-level and high-level APIs.
    • ServiceURL, ContainerURL and BlobURL objects provide the low-level API functionality and map one-to-one to the Azure Storage Blob REST APIs
    • The high-level APIs provide convenience abstractions such as uploading a large stream to a block blob (using multiple PutBlock requests).

Code Samples


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