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systemstat is a package written in Go generated automatically by gobi.

systemstat allows you to add system statistics to your go program; it currently polls the linux kernel for CPU usage, free/used memory and swap sizes, and uptime for your go process, as well as the system you’re running it on, and the system load. It can be used to make a crippled version of top that monitors the current go process and ignores other processes and the number of users with ttys. See the examples directory for go-top.go, which is my attempt at a top clone. Bear in mind that the intention of systemstat is to allow your process to monitor itself and it’s environment, not to replace top.

Install (with GOPATH set on your machine)

  • Step 1: Get the systemstat package
go get
  • Step 2 (Optional): Run tests
$ go test -v
  • Step 3 (Optional): Run example
$ cd to the first directory in your $GOPATH
$ cd src/
$ go run examples/go-top.go


package main

import (

var sample systemstat.MemSample

// This example shows how easy it is to get memory information
func main() {
	sample = systemstat.GetMemSample()
	fmt.Println("Total available RAM in kb:", sample.MemTotal, "k total")
	fmt.Println("Used RAM in kb:", sample.MemUsed, "k used")
	fmt.Println("Free RAM in kb:", sample.MemFree, "k free")
	fmt.Printf("The output is similar to, but somewhat different than:\n\ttop -n1 | grep Mem:\n")


Copyright © 2013 Phillip Bond

Licensed under the MIT License

see file LICENSE