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January 1st 0001
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limitbytes - A middleware to enforce limits on the http request body size.

This is a thin wrapper around http.MaxBytesReader. This fails the request early before reading data if content-length is known, otherwise returns a custom error type ErrTooLarge by parsing the error from http.MaxBytesReader. This also sets the response code to 413 (http.StatusRequestEntityTooLarge).

An optional callback can be provided to handle failure case (but this only works if the content-length is available).


// Create a router that uses std lib http.Handler types for middleware.
var router = chi.NewMux()
router.Use(limitbytes.New(16 * 1024), callback) // limit request body to 16kB

When content-length is unknown, the request body has to be read to know if the limit is breached. For example, this could happen while decoding json from the body. In such cases, the wrapped http handler can test for ErrTooLarge error to handle them.

 var wrapped = http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	defer r.Body.Close()
	_, e := json.NewDecoder(r.Body).Decode(obj)
	switch e.(type) {
	case nil:
	case limitbytes.ErrTooLarge:


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