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July 3rd 2020
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Requires go 1.9 or greater for dependency.

go get

This repository contains a collection of Go packages for working with XML, with the ultimate goal of enabling code generation based on XML documents.

  • The xmltree package converts xml documents to a tree data structure, and provides convenient methods for manipulating and searching through that tree.
  • The xsd package implements a parser for XML Schema. It takes some liberties from the specification, and would need some work for use as a validator, but it handles type inheritance and XML namespaces in a relatively sane way.
  • The xsdgen package provides a customizable code generator that generates Go type declarations and marshal/unmarshal methods for an XML Schema.
  • The wsdl package parses Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) files, which describe a (usually) SOAP web service.
  • The wsdlgen package generates Go source code from WSDL files.
  • The xsdgen and wsdlgen commands generate Go code with default settings and are suitable for use with go generate.

The directory wsdlgen/examples contains packages that were (mostly) automatically generated using the wsdlgen package. You can run

go generate

within the subdirectories to re-generate the code if you make changes to the wsdlgen package. This code is still very rough around the edges, but I have succesfully used it to generate type declarations for some pretty complex XML schema from an Apache Axis application. There are github issues opened for missing functionality.